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Louis Kraml

Welcome to the official Louis Kraml website! I am the chief executive officer at Bingham Memorial Hospital, a Community Hospital in Blackfoot, Idaho that strives to offer the best healthcare services for all the people in the area. The hospital started its activity more than 50 years ago, and due to the local residents it has grown to be a modern facility which offers several high end medical services that aren’t usually available in a local hospital of this size.

louis kraml pictureIn fact, the hospital was owned by the county (and also operated by it) until 2007, when it was converted to a non-profit organization. Since then, Bingham Memorial Hospital has managed to become and stay profitable despite the economic turmoil, contributing close to two million dollars to the community during the last five years, money which was used for the benefit of the people living in Bingham County.

Some of my younger readers might not remember this, but many rural hospitals had to close their gates during the last two or three decades. This has not only affected the communities, but has also made the families pay much bigger prices for their well deserved medical assistance and support. It wasn’t all about the money, though; some people were risking their lives on a daily basis because they didn’t live in urban areas, so they couldn’t go quickly to a good hospital.

The government was aware of the problem, so it has created the CAH (Critical Access Hospital) program, which was meant to reduce hospital closures; nevertheless, this good initiative didn’t manage to solve all the problems. In fact, many hospitals continue to close their doors even these days, because they lack adequate funding.

Fortunately, quite a few of these medical institutions were saved (and can be saved) by coming up with better business models and implementing them properly. Many people have told me over the years: “Louis Kraml, you have saved our hospital!” And while I agree that I did my best to turn BMH from a small hospital that was unable to meet payroll into a profitable $200 million dollar facility, I know I couldn’t have done it without the help of the management team and (most of all) without the help of our fine doctors, which are recruited from the most talented, knowledgeable specialists in the country.

Fortunately, we have also discovered lots of highly trained specialists in the county, and now we are employing close to 700 area residents.

It’s not all about the doctors and the management team, though; the most important of all are you, our patients – without you, our efforts would have been in vain. This is the main reason why we do our best to create a beneficial hospital atmosphere, which tremendously helps our guests by making them feel less stressed. We are also involved in various community outreach programs for the benefit of the community.

The state of Idaho consists of many rural counties, and Bingham is one of them. Not only that, but the population density is very small here, with less than 20 inhabitants per square mile, a value that’s over twenty times smaller in comparison with the population density of New York, for example. Everyone knows that the for-profit hospitals are interested in making a profit, and there is nothing wrong about that. Still, this leaves the people that don’t have a solid health insurance policy or have to rely on government-funded insurance services like Medicare or Medicaid out of the picture, because many of them are unable to travel to a large city hospital.

This explains the need for Critical Access Hospitals and I, Louis Kraml, will do my best to help provide top medical assistance for all the local residents.

Thank you a lot for taking the time to visit my website – I really appreciate it.

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