a good hair care routine

A Good Hair Care Routine

Regardless of the season, women must pay attention to their hair care for various reasons.

There are several types of hair; the treatment and care options will depend on this.

Straight hair

Straight hair generally falls smoothly and retains its glossy consistency, because the naturally-occurring scalp oils flow to the bottom. Straight hair requires minimal conditioning, because it is smooth and soft. This doesn’t stop the hair from flattening on top (due to lack of volume) and becoming greasier, though.

This type of hair should be washed every second day and combed every day. Combing distributes sebum to the shafts’ ends. Hair should be conditioned deeply monthly, so it remains supple and soft.

If a woman’s hair is flat, she can tease it from the crown and use hair spray. Using a blow dryer and repeating these steps will enable her to achieve maximum volume.

Wavy hair

Wavy hair has s-shaped curls running down its length. It is a blend of curly and straight hair types. The hair may have waves throughout its entire length, or it may be straight and have small bends at the end. This hair type is extremely flexible; it can be curled, straightened or made wavy in style. However, it is far more prone to becoming frizzy in comparison with other hair types.

Women should wash it two or three times per week, using a dry shampoo. A deep conditioner should be used twice per month to maintain its softness. To stop hair getting frizzy during the day, users can apply drops of argan oil or a leave-in conditioner.

Wavy hair offers numerous options; it can be curled even more, left wavy or straightened. This will depend on people’s personal taste and the life they live, of course.

Curly hair

Curly hair is voluminous, playful and bouncy. The strand’s thickness is generally fine, even though it can range from fine to coarse. The biggest challenges women with curly hair face is dryness, lack of curl definition, frizz and shrinkage.

Hair only needs washing once or twice each week. Since shampoo drains the moisture from curly hair faster than other types, it is wise to apply argan oil or “leave-in” conditioner as well. Weekly deep hair conditioning is necessary, and women should do this the day before washing. This will help keep the curls bouncy and the hair smooth and silky.

When styling, a heat protection spray must be used. Women should take their time and style individual curls. If it gets frizzy, more spray should be used, thus giving the curls more time to form again.

Coily hair

This is the most fragile hair type; the coils range from coarse to fine, and have both z-shaped and s-shaped curls.

Coily hair has plenty of texture; it is commonly fragile and dry, but can still be beautiful in look and quality.

Hair should be washed weekly using a cleansing, conditioning agent. After showering, a woman must seal her hair with coating butters and heavy oils. Then she should do a hot oil pre-treatment, to ensure that the hair is easy to wash.

Coily hair can be placed in a bun, braided or worn naturally. The less heat the hair gets, the healthier it will be.

This article can’t cover all the aspects of hair care, of course. Its goal is to help women learn the hair care basics.

What about Men?

While a lot of the above material can help men and women, it is important to understand that men are different, so their treatment regime will also be different. Men should wash their hair in warm water, because hot water can dry it out quickly.

Men can use a smooth amount of gel to ensure that their hair looks great all day. Choosing an alcohol-free gel is great for healthy hair, but only a small amount should be used, because it dries out quickly. Hair dryers should be used sparingly, as they dry out hair due to the heat.

Men that have long hair should use a wide-toothed comb to brush out the knots. A little hair oil can help as well. Men need regular haircuts/trims; this will help maintain good hair health by removing problem strands and patches.

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