cancer causing foods

Top Nine Cancer Causing Foods

Statistics reveal that over 50% of cases of cancer are caused by lifestyle, and the most important lifestyle factor that can lead to cancer is the food and drink people consume regularly. Here are some of the top cancer-causing foods that should be avoided: Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs). This is a rapidly growing industry and […]

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caregiving for infants and toddlers

Caregiving for Infants and Toddlers

Being a caregiver for infants and toddlers is a demanding responsibility, moreso than caring for adults in many ways. One reason is because there’s often very little in the way of verbal communication, so other methods must be used at times. If infants and toddlers are cared for in child care centers, there need to […]

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cancer caregiving tips

Top Five Cancer Caregiving Tips

Anybody who has ever been diagnosed with Cancer understands the huge shock that hits when they first find out. In more serious cases of cancer, especially if it is at a quite advanced stage, the person may need a caregiver to provide additional support. Here are five tips for cancer caregivers. 1. The caregiver should […]

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basic caregiving skills

Basic Caregiving Skills

Caring for a loved one is a huge responsibility, but it shouldn’t be regarded as a burden. There are a number of valuable skills a caregiver should remember when providing care, because their loved one is a human being, and not merely the sum of their illnesses. Preserve their dignity. A sick person still wants […]

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guide for caregiving families

A Quick Guide for Caregiving Families

Caregiving is something that many thousands of families do for their loved ones. It can be for a lot of different reasons. Perhaps somebody is too old to care for themselves due to ill health. Maybe a family member was born with severe mental and/or physical health problems. Perhaps they had a car accident and […]

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home remedies for asthma

Top Seven Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease that affects millions of people of all ages. Most people have various preventer and reliever medications to help keep it under control. However, there are also some home remedies that can help make it easier to cope with asthma. Here are some of the better options: Ginger is well-known as […]

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allergy proof your home

10 Simple Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Home

If a person has allergies, it’s important to take action and make the home as allergy-proof as possible. Obviously, this will depend on the sort of allergies that person has. Here are some useful tips that people may wish to consider in their quest to live in an allergy-free environment. Bedroom. Bedding should be covered […]

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prevent breast cancer

Nine Tips That Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Cancer is a very serious disease and it affects millions of people. Breast cancer is one type and it does affect a small percentage of men, as well as a much larger percentage of women. Here are nine tips that women (and men in some cases) can apply to reduce their risk of contracting breast […]

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mechanism of allergy

8 Ways to Prevent Food Allergies

Food allergies should be treated seriously, because if a person has a severe reaction and isn’t treated quickly enough, it may even prove to be fatal. However, that is not likely to happen if people know that they have to avoid certain foods, for example. Here are some simple ways to help prevent food allergies. […]

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foods that fight anxiety and depression

Top Foods That Fight Anxiety and Depression

If you suffer from anxiety and/or depression, you don’t have to rely solely on medication. There are numerous foods that can help you feel better as well. Here are just a few of the choices you can try for yourself. Whole grain foods such as bread and pasta have quite a few benefits. They contain […]

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