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Brain Cancer Detection – New, Non-Invasive Approach

Current diagnostic procedures for brain cancer are accurate. However, they involve numerous steps and require the use of several medical devices. Scientific experts from the United Kingdom have developed a way to simplify the process of brain cancer detection. By merely taking blood samples and utilizing both infrared and biomarker technologies, they can easily determine the presence of tumors (within 30 minutes). It is also possible to distinguish between benign and malignant growths.

A Blessing for Patients

Each year, more than 20,000 individuals are diagnosed with brain cancer in the United States alone. Given the expenses associated with the fight against cancerous tumors, anyone would expect that brain cancer patients eventually face financial concerns. What many do not realize is that the diagnostic procedures alone (which include CT, MRI, and biopsy) entail expensive fees. Hence, it is safe to say that those funds-related dilemmas begin early for most patients.

Given those points, the new diagnostic procedure should be easy to appreciate. After all, acquiring a blood sample would never be an expensive endeavor. Infrared and biomarker tests are also less costly than CT scans, MRIs, and biopsies. Of course, the sheer speed of the novel diagnostic method also provides opportunities to further minimize travel costs while enhancing convenience, especially since fewer hospital visits would be required.

Eliminating Hindrances

When the new diagnostic procedure will become available on a global scale, the problems associated with brain cancer will definitely be lessened. Most importantly, time and money would no longer act as hindrances to early detection.

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