allergy proof your home

10 Simple Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Home

If a person has allergies, it’s important to take action and make the home as allergy-proof as possible. Obviously, this will depend on the sort of allergies that person has. Here are some useful tips that people may wish to consider in their quest to live in an allergy-free environment. Bedroom. Bedding should be covered […]

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mechanism of allergy

8 Ways to Prevent Food Allergies

Food allergies should be treated seriously, because if a person has a severe reaction and isn’t treated quickly enough, it may even prove to be fatal. However, that is not likely to happen if people know that they have to avoid certain foods, for example. Here are some simple ways to help prevent food allergies. […]

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Causes And Symptoms Of Allergies

An allergy is an extreme response by your immune system, usually to a normal substance such as pollen, dust mites, animal proteins, molds, certain foods and even some medications. You can get an allergy at any age and some people grow out of an allergy if they had it as a child. Approx 10-30% of […]

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