tobacco smoking and lung cancer

Tobacco, Smoking and Lung Cancer

Tobacco is hazardous to the health of smokers and non-smokers. Non-smokers can suffer from passive smoking if they mix with people who smoke. As an example, if you are at a party where a few people are smoking and you inhale that smoke, it can harm you too. Many smokers do not realize that if […]

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cancer causing foods

Top Nine Cancer Causing Foods

Statistics reveal that over 50% of cases of cancer are caused by lifestyle, and the most important lifestyle factor that can lead to cancer is the food and drink people consume regularly. Here are some of the top cancer-causing foods that should be avoided: Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs). This is a rapidly growing industry and […]

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cancer caregiving tips

Top Five Cancer Caregiving Tips

Anybody who has ever been diagnosed with Cancer understands the huge shock that hits when they first find out. In more serious cases of cancer, especially if it is at a quite advanced stage, the person may need a caregiver to provide additional support. Here are five tips for cancer caregivers. 1. The caregiver should […]

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prevent breast cancer

Nine Tips That Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Cancer is a very serious disease and it affects millions of people. Breast cancer is one type and it does affect a small percentage of men, as well as a much larger percentage of women. Here are nine tips that women (and men in some cases) can apply to reduce their risk of contracting breast […]

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louis kraml news

New Imaging Medical Technology to Help Make Several Cancers Treatable featured a recent study made by University Hospitals Case Medical Center researchers, a research that will greatly help those who are suffering from different types of cancer. The research established the benefits of using the new imaging technology called PET/MRI on cancer cases.  ( The entire report will be made available to everyone in […]

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breast cancer risk factors

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

The mere mention of the word “cancer” is enough to make even the strongest person feel afraid. When you are first diagnosed, nothing else seems to register except that you have cancer. However, there is much more to it than you may think, so you need to ask questions to learn more about the exact […]

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