Cold and Flu

cold and flu myths

Nine Cold and Flu Myths

Colds and flu have been around for centuries. It’s only natural that many myths have sprung up over the years, so it’s time to clarify a few of the more common myths. Myth: The flu is the same as a bad cold. Fact: A serious case of flu is much worse. Symptoms may hit suddenly […]

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cold and flu during pregnancy

How To Deal With Cold And Flu During Pregnancy

When it comes to managing colds and the flu, there’s an entirely new set of rules to be considered when a woman is pregnant. This is because she has to look after not only her own health, but that of the fetus growing inside her as well. These tips should help every pregnant woman cope […]

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preventing cough cold flu in babies

Preventing Cough, Cold and Flu in Babies

Babies can easily get a cold or flu, so it’s essential that all care is taken to prevent any of them from striking. Here are several methods that any parent can use to protect their little loved ones from becoming sick. Having a vaccine is vital and can be given to babies from six months […]

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natural remedies that fight cold and flu

Eight Natural Remedies that Fight Cold and Flu

It’s not always necessary to use medicinal remedies to fight colds and the flu. Many natural remedies can help as well, and here are eight of those natural remedies. Get plenty of rest and keep warm. This may sound obvious, but most people push themselves to go to work or school, or to do the […]

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cold flu prevention tips

Tips On Preventing Colds and The Flu

One of the worst medical problems to get is the common cold or flu, because it can happen with no warning. The good news is that there are numerous ways you can protect yourself from these medical issues. On average, adults get two or three colds per year, and they can last a week or […]

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Cold and Flu Symptoms and Treatment

Some people tend to suffer from cold and flu illnesses quite frequently, while others seem almost impervious. Still, cold and flu can strike without warning and can be very debilitating. There are many different ways to treat this illness, and many times the treatment depends on its severity. It is normal for people to get […]

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