treating eating disorders

How To Treat Eating Disorders

There are many ways to treat eating disorders, but the very first step is acknowledging that you have a problem. Once that has happened, you can get help from a specialist, so you won’t have to handle it alone; your doctor will establish a treatment plan that suits your specific case. At first, you may […]

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mental health disorders

Mental Health Disorders Explained

There are numerous mental health disorders; perhaps the biggest problem is that they are “invisible”; you can’t see them until a person shows symptoms, and those can sometimes be difficult to interpret as well. Just because you can’t see a mental health disorder, it doesn’t mean that it is imaginary. A broken leg is obvious, […]

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depression and thyroid disorders

Depression and Thyroid Disorders

Your thyroid gland creates and regulates various hormones which can affect your weight, mood and energy levels and can also be a cause of depression. There are different thyroid conditions and it is possible to misdiagnose depression as a thyroid disorder if you are not careful. If the thyroid creates too much hormone, the gland […]

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