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sleep stages

Understanding The Various Stages Of Sleep

Sleep is essential to good health. If you don’t get enough good quality sleep, your whole life can suffer. But what actually defines good quality? There are five stages of sleep that you generally go through. There are two distinct sleep types. Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep is also called quiet sleep. The other one […]

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vitamins and minerals

Why Are Vitamins And Minerals Essential For Good Health?

Vitamins and minerals are essential for good health because they help your body work properly. They enable your organs to do their jobs and help keep you healthy. However, it is difficult to get enough of all the vitamins and minerals from your diet, so supplements are often needed in order to help boost your […]

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diabetes health risks

Type 2 Diabetes Health Risks

Type 2 diabetes can be dangerous, because it can cause a lot of problems for your health. Unlike some diseases that only affect one or two organs, diabetes can affect almost every organ and body part in some cases, and the symptoms are often unnoticed until the damage has been done. By the time you […]

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women hair loss

Reasons Why Women Lose Their Hair

Hair loss is a problem for women as well as men, although it’s usually more obvious with men. Generally women lose some of their hair in their 50s and 60s, but it can happen at any age. There are ways to stop hair loss once you determine the cause, though. Hair growth is very much […]

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body symptoms

Listen to Your Body’s Symptoms

Wikipedia defines a symptom as a “departure from normal function or feeling noticed by a patient, indicating the presence of disease or abnormality. A symptom is subjective, observed by the patient, and can’t be measured directly.” It is important to understand and appreciate symptoms, because they are often early warning signs that there is something […]

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digestive system

Digestive Disorders And Remedies

When you think of digestion, it would probably surprise you to know that there are lots of different digestive disorders. It is important to take them all very seriously, as prolonged problems can cause more serious repercussions to your health. Here are some of the more common digestive disorders: Reflux / Heartburn is the most […]

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food pyramid

A Wise Person’s Guide To Healthy Eating

Eating healthy food should be something you do naturally. It shouldn‘t be a struggle to enjoy delicious food full of vital nutrients. These are some of the reasons why you should eat healthy food. You’ll lose excess weight. Your immune system will be much stronger. Your blood pressure and cholesterol will be in the healthy […]

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eating disorders

Facts And Figures About Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is classified as being a mental illness where the person has a bad relationship with food. People struggle with body image and self-confidence and their normal routine can be severely disrupted because of this serious disorder. There are three main eating disorders. Bulimia Nervosa occurs where the person is scared of putting […]

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Causes And Symptoms Of Allergies

An allergy is an extreme response by your immune system, usually to a normal substance such as pollen, dust mites, animal proteins, molds, certain foods and even some medications. You can get an allergy at any age and some people grow out of an allergy if they had it as a child. Approx 10-30% of […]

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Asthma Triggers, Symptoms and Treatment

Asthma occurs when your airways become inflamed and swell up. This narrows the passage, leading to difficulties in breathing, tightness in your chest, wheezing and sometimes coughing. It is incurable at the moment, but treatable, as long as you know the triggers and have an action plan in place. There are numerous triggers for asthma. […]

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