Healthy Aging

aging and foot care

Aging and Foot Care

As people get older, they are more likely to have feet problems, because it may be harder to care for them properly. Elderly people may live alone, may be married, may be living with other family members or could be living in an aged care facility. In the latter case, there are trained people on […]

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tips for healthy aging

Tips for Healthy Aging

As people age, their life can change significantly; some of them end up retiring early and doing absolutely nothing with their lives. Nevertheless, if you follow these healthy aging tips, you should be able to enjoy every year of your life, regardless of your age. One key to healthy aging is to keep moving. No […]

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nutrition and healthy aging

Nutrition and Healthy Aging

Food plays a more and more important role as people age. Many people lose the ability to exercise as much as they did in their younger days, and older bodies tend to let people down more often in comparison with the more resilient, younger bodies. Eating nutritious meals doesn’t mean that you have to fill […]

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enlarged male prostate gland

The Importance Of Monitoring Prostate Changes

The prostate is a small male gland that’s involved with the reproductive system. Once a man hits the age of 40, it may have grown in size from a walnut to a lemon and, by age 60, to a large apple. The prostate surrounds a part of the urethra and if it grows in size, […]

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Osteoporosis Risk Factors, Symptoms And Treatment

The word “Osteoporosis” comes from two words – Osteo (bone) and Porosis (porous.) This disease makes your bones brittle and fragile, so they can break easier than normal. A simple bump or a fall can cause a major fracture. One third of men and half of women aged 60+ will suffer from one or more […]

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Glaucoma Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Glaucoma is a collection of diseases of the eye which slowly destroy the nerve at the back of one or both eyes. In most cases it is caused by a pressure build-up due to a blockage of circulation of the aqueous fluid, or issues related to the lack of proper drainage. It can also be […]

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prevent aging

Treatments To Prevent Aging

From the moment you are born, there is one guarantee… you will start to age, day by day, year by year. This is a process that can’t be stopped, but the good news is that there are ways to slow down the signs of physical or mental aging, if that interests you. Millions of people […]

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sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Sleep apnea is a condition whereby you stop breathing whilst you are asleep. These breaks can last up to 20 seconds at a time and may happen hundreds of times each night in serious cases, often without you even knowing it is happening. Approximately one in fifteen Americans suffer from sleep apnea, so this is […]

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nutrition and eye health

Nutrition and Eye Health

Imagine what it would be like to be blind… not to see sunrises and sunsets; not to see the faces of your loved ones; not to enjoy everything that sight has to offer in your life. There are millions of people around the world that are blind or vision-impaired, so if you can see properly, […]

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alzheimer's disease symptoms

Early Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms

Alzheimer’s disease causes disruption to personality, cognition, memory and other functions. It usually starts in the 40s or 50s, although there are no hard and fast rules because everybody is different. The first indicators are problems with remembering the most basic things. There are many typical memory problems associated with the early stages of Alzheimer’s. […]

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