cold and flu during pregnancy

How To Deal With Cold And Flu During Pregnancy

When it comes to managing colds and the flu, there’s an entirely new set of rules to be considered when a woman is pregnant. This is because she has to look after not only her own health, but that of the fetus growing inside her as well. These tips should help every pregnant woman cope […]

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pregnancy and dental health

Pregnancy and Dental Health

When you are pregnant, you will have lots of hormonal changes, and some of them can increase the possibility of gum disease (also called pregnancy gingivitis). This can lead to poor health in the growing fetus as well. Here are some tips to help you take care of your teeth while being pregnant. Whenever it […]

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pregnancy and back pain

Pregnancy and Back Pain

Pregnancy and back pain. No surprises there. If you’re going to add extra weight to your stomach and abdomen, there’s sure to be trouble in your back, as it tries to compensate it. Most women do experience back pain during pregnancy, but fortunately there are ways to cope with it and lessen its effects. The […]

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pregnancy healthy eating

Pregnancy Healthy Eating Tips

Everybody should be eating a healthy, nutritious diet. If you are pregnant, it is even more critical to do so, because you are eating for two people and you’ll want to do everything in your power to make sure that when your baby is born, he or she has the best possible chance of living […]

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pregnancy stages

Understanding The Different Stages Of Pregnancy

There are three stages of pregnancy a woman goes through before finally giving birth. The total time a woman is pregnant is about 40 weeks. Obviously the exact number of days will vary from one woman to the next because of all the variables. The first trimester. (Weeks 1-12). In this time, her body undergoes […]

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