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Doctors and Marketing: How Far Is Too Far?

Due to the new online technologies and emerging trends, many people have started to use online marketing as a means of increasing their business, or at least their potential customer base. Doctors have not been left out of this either. There are lots of doctors who have used the internet to market their services, or have lent their names and images to other companies to use for marketing purposes. This might sound like a good business deal, but there are some risks involved as well.

Doctors are increasingly being advised to make sure that they take a closer look at the ads wherein their identity is used. There are a number of reasons why doctors have to make sure that they do not overstep their ethical boundaries, in as far as the marketing and use of their identities are concerned.

Naturally, you would expect physicians to be careful when it comes to online advertising or other similar forms of promotion. However, it is important to take note of the fact that medicine is also a business, and as a matter of fact it is becoming more competitive by the day.

Physicians do understand the difference between right and wrong, and most importantly the thin line that lies between the ethical requirements of the profession and the claws of low quality marketing and advertising. The most commonly pointed out flaws of the online ads are the lies that are told in order to portray some experience in a particular field of medicine.

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