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Exercise and Diets Based on Blood Types

Who would have thought that according to your certain blood type, whether a Type A, Type B, Type AB or Type O, could change the way you exercise? According to research done by Dr. James D’Adamo, author of “Eat Right for Your Type”, it’s been discovered that certain blood types have different reactions to the way you exercise and eat.

For example, type A blood types create more stress and lactic acid in their muscles, resulting in being fatigued and potential weight gain. For type B, balance, weight lifting and cardio exercise can be beneficial to the body. Type AB, is a combination of both A and B. And for type O, intense exercise is common, releasing an endorphin to the brain that can result in being more energized, less stressed and burning more fat.

This is an interesting study that would result in great results for patients who may have a hard time finding the right exercise routine and diet specifically for them. Finding out your blood type isn’t hard either. Bingham Memorial Hospital offers blood work to those seeking out their blood type, especially for those who want to optimize their exercise and diet programs based on blood type.

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