factors that influence children health

Key Factors that Influence Children’s Health

There are many key factors that can influence children’s health, some of which you may never even consider. Here’s a list to take into consideration when caring for your children.

Education. Parents should learn from each health problem their children face, so they know how to handle it if it happens again in the future. Education can be obtained from consulting doctors and specialists, from books and from personal experiences.

Statistics reveal that children whose parents didn’t go right through to the end of high school and children who were born in low-income families were much more likely to have poor or fair health when compared to other children.

If parents have poor health due to genes, it’s possible the children will inherit the “sick” genes and have poor health as a result. If parents smoke, drink and eat lots of fast food and junk food, their children will eat the same unhealthy food, and it is likely that they will suffer from poor health.

If the parents are obese, it is very likely that the children will also be carrying extra weight. On the other hand, if the parents are slim, their children are usually slim as well. This is because the parents’ good and bad habits rub off on the children.

If parents never exercise, the children won’t either. This is because they will generally follow the example set by their parents. Of course, if parents have a legitimate reason not to exercise, they should still encourage their children to do so.

The internet can be a helpful resource or a bad one, depending on how you use it. It’s great as a learning tool, and can also help the children make friends and keep in touch with them. However, there are also negative aspects that arise from using the internet. It is easy to be forced to bow to peer group pressure and do things that may be unsafe and unhealthy.

Cyber bullying is another aspect that can affect children mentally. Because it’s all done online, the parents may not be aware that it is happening, and the child may be too scared or embarrassed to admit it’s occurring. Good mental health is just as important as physical health.

Although there are other influences, parents are supposed to be the single biggest influence in every aspect of their children’s lives, including their health. If they can’t set a good example and keep their children as healthy as possible, the children may suffer physically, mentally and emotionally.

Being sick for any reason is not fun at all. The children will want to get well as fast as possible, so the parents should do their best to make it happen, regardless of the situation.

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