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Nerve-Related Disability – a Future Solution

A team of scientists from Australia has discovered a way to encourage nerve regeneration. Unlike grafts, the proposed solution should also work on the most serious cases – entire limbs rendered useless by disastrous injuries, for example. Using a polymer bridge (containing all the needed growth factors) to connect the two ends of severed nerves, the group managed to initiate nerve growth and provide partial movement. It is important to understand that these encouraging results were gathered from animal tests, though.

Significant Finding

In the United States alone, millions are hospitalized each year due to injury. Unintentionally falling from high places and being struck with foreign objects are two top reasons why many people end up suffering from nerve damage. Since those seriously injured experience sudden changes in their lives (none of which could be considered positive) it becomes clear just how important the discovery is. If human-compatible nerve bridges become available, millions of lives would be saved and countless people would dodge depression.

Support Is Needed

The team of experts needs support to continue their scientific endeavor. Nevertheless, given what a fully-functional nerve bridge could mean to humanity, getting financial assistance and attracting collaborators should not be a difficult task.

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