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New Imaging Medical Technology to Help Make Several Cancers Treatable

Sciencedaily.com featured a recent study made by University Hospitals Case Medical Center researchers, a research that will greatly help those who are suffering from different types of cancer. The research established the benefits of using the new imaging technology called PET/MRI on cancer cases.  (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/08/130829105751.htm)

The entire report will be made available to everyone in an upcoming issue of the medical journal Current Radiology Reports. In that report, researchers gave an overview of their initial experiences with the new imaging technology.

With the new technology, the researchers were able to do more appropriate staging of cancer cases.   The MRI component is able to provide molecular, physiologic and molecular information. The PET component, on the other hand, can provide functional-biochemical information and the most advanced anatomic details of cancer cells. Those two capacities produce different images which, when fused, are helpful in locating cancer cells.

Following are the findings they made in the examination of 145 cancer patients:

  • The research team found the new imaging technology can provide added value to radiologists in their diagnosing and in planning the treatments for pancreatic, ovarian, uterine and colorectal cancers.  PET/MRI was also very helpful in the diagnostic management of young adult patients and pediatric patients.
  • Researchers found that with the new technology, their capability to pinpoint malignant areas was enhanced.

The authors of the study also mentioned in their report the ability that PET/MRI has in reducing exposure to radiation among cancer patients.  They said that replacing the CT component of the old technology PET/CT with MRI significantly reduces the radiation levels.

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