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Nine Tips That Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Cancer is a very serious disease and it affects millions of people. Breast cancer is one type and it does affect a small percentage of men, as well as a much larger percentage of women. Here are nine tips that women (and men in some cases) can apply to reduce their risk of contracting breast cancer.

  1. Breast cancer occurs most often after menopause. Women should try not to be overweight or obese, because that greatly increases the risk. An ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or under is ideal. Too much fat increases estrogen, which is linked to a higher risk of breast cancer.
  1. Keep physically fit. Research shows that even if women only starts regular exercise later in their lives, it can still decrease the risk of contracting breast cancer by 10-30%. This doesn’t mean having to go overboard. A 30-minute walk five times per week is a great start.
  1. Eat healthy foods that are low in sugar, fat and refined carbs. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and enjoy whole grains. Eat lean protein such as a chicken breast or fish and only have red meat in moderation. Use vegetable oils for cooking instead of animal fats.
  1. People should not char their food when cooking. The flame broiled or charcoaled meat has been connected with a higher chance of breast cancer. A carcinogen called Acrylamide is formed when starchy food is roasted, fried or baked, and this also increases the risk.
  1. Alcohol is linked to a raised potential for breast cancer. Either don’t drink at all, or have a maximum of one alcoholic beverage drink per day.
  1. Don’t wear bras with underwires, because the metal is associated with a raised potential for breast cancer.
  1. People need plenty of iodine in their diet because it’s a vital trace element that synthesizes hormones. If the body doesn’t have enough iodine, it can cause a multitude of troubles, including cancer. This is due to the fact that breasts absorb, and then use lots of iodine to ensure their cells function effectively. Deficiencies will cause the tissues to malfunction and getting a tumor is a possible outcome. Make sure to consult your doctor about the right amount of iodine to have.
  1. The human body needs vitamin D because it affects almost every cell and is among nature’s most powerful cancer fighters. Studies reveal that a figure as high as 90% of cases of breast cancer are connected to a vitamin D deficiency. Natural sunlight is the best source, but supplements can help if the body is deficient.
  1. Get plenty of sleep, because the body needs to recharge. Lack of sleep can affect melatonin production, and that is related to weight gain and a raised resistance to insulin, two factors that directly contribute to breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a serious disease. Nevertheless, if people pay attention to these tips and do everything to help prevent it, their lives will certainly be better.


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