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Should We Adopt New Technology?

There is a strong cause for the adoption of new technology in the medical industry. Many people believe that this would really go a long way in making sure that the patients get the kind of care that they dream of getting when they go to the hospital. A good example is the introduction of tablet computers into the hospitals.

It has been documented that the use of tablet computers in hospitals has grown from 27% to 62% between 2011 and 2012. This sounds like a very good thing, especially when you think about the big number of doctors that could use them for the benefit of their patients.

So should we still go ahead and purchase such technology for our hospitals? Is it really worth it? Do we really need these systems in place? The answer is simple: we do need to make use of such technology, but only to the extent that we can get returns from their use. A return in this sense will always refer to the overall patient experience, of course.

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