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stages of alzheimers disease

Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease can vary from person to person, and they will change as the disease progresses. Please keep in mind that symptoms of stages can blend together, so it’s not necessarily black and white. First stage. No impairment. There are no symptoms at all. Second stage. Very mild impairment. Although nobody can […]

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dementia and alzheimers disease

Differences Between Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Many people are under the false assumption that both Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are the same thing. However, this is incorrect. Alzheimer’s disease is often a cause of dementia, but this is where their link ends. Dementia is not a disease. It is a set of symptoms affecting mental tasks, including reasoning and memory. Causes […]

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Diabetes Symptoms Appear to Be Not Related to Alzheimer Symptoms

Insulin resistance or glucose intolerance appears to be not related to the pathological characteristics of Alzheimer disease (AD). That is according to the JAMA Neurology in a report they recently published online. In the same report, insulin resistance or glucose intolerance have not been shown to be associated to the accumulation of β-amyloid (Αβ) in […]

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alzheimer's disease symptoms

Early Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms

Alzheimer’s disease causes disruption to personality, cognition, memory and other functions. It usually starts in the 40s or 50s, although there are no hard and fast rules because everybody is different. The first indicators are problems with remembering the most basic things. There are many typical memory problems associated with the early stages of Alzheimer’s. […]

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