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stages of alzheimers disease

Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease can vary from person to person, and they will change as the disease progresses. Please keep in mind that symptoms of stages can blend together, so it’s not necessarily black and white. First stage. No impairment. There are no symptoms at all. Second stage. Very mild impairment. Although nobody can […]

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Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Treatment Options For Multiple Sclerosis

If you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) there are various forms of treatment, but choosing the most effective one depends on your symptoms, how long you have had MS, and which type you have. Inflammation is a common problem with MS; since it can cause other health related issues as well, sometimes corticosteroids are prescribed, to […]

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factors that cause anxiety and depression

Top Factors That Cause Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are both very serious mental disorders. It is common for people to face both of them at some stage in their lives, because many of the causes are similar and one condition often feeds off the negative aspects of the other. Here are the top factors that cause anxiety and depression. Family […]

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emergency planning for patients with mental disorders

Emergency Planning For Patients With Mental Disorders

The term “mental disorders” covers a vast gamut of problems, all with their own levels of severity and treatment methods. This is why it’s crucial for patients, family members and caregivers to have emergency plans that cover all possible emergency scenarios. In this article, a person named “Joe” is used to help explore the available […]

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dementia caregiving tips

Dementia Caregiving Tips

If you are caring for somebody with dementia, there are lots of things you will need to learn. The single most important thing is to have patience. That person is losing his memory, but he’s still a human being and a loved one. He’s trying to remember your name, a particular place or the way […]

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mental health disorders

Mental Health Disorders Explained

There are numerous mental health disorders; perhaps the biggest problem is that they are “invisible”; you can’t see them until a person shows symptoms, and those can sometimes be difficult to interpret as well. Just because you can’t see a mental health disorder, it doesn’t mean that it is imaginary. A broken leg is obvious, […]

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exercise helps improve mental health

Exercise Helps Improve Mental Health

Exercise is great for your physical and mental health in many ways, but its efficiency increases even more if you exercise on a regular basis. Nevertheless, even if it isn’t possible to exercise regularly, even the occasional exercise will help boost your mental health. Exercise releases certain chemicals in the brain that help to lift […]

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louis kraml news

New Therapeutic Target for Huntington’s Disease Discovered

One of the most feared neurodegenerative disorders known is Huntington’s disease. So far, there is no cure discovered for this health problem that causes the decline of brain functions such as movement, behavior, and mental function. However, a new study provides hope for a cure as it has discovered a new therapeutic target for this […]

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neurological diagnostic tests

Neurological Diagnostic Tests And Procedures

If you have any sort of problem with your nervous system, numerous diagnostic tests can be performed to isolate the problem, allowing it to be treated correctly, in order to prevent further complications. Since your body and brain have lots of nerves, different tests may be carried out, depending on the exact nature of the […]

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Mental Health Disorders

Understanding Mental Health Disorders

There is a significant difference between a broken leg and a mental disorder. A broken leg is clearly visible, whereas mental disorders are invisible so, unfortunately, people often pretend that they don’t exist or choose to ignore other people who have them. This is a very sad situation that should never happen. There are many […]

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