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Tips for Great Dental Health

Taking care of your teeth is vital to your overall health for many reasons. If you can’t chew your food properly, you may miss out on vital nutrients. Your teeth can break and might have to be removed or filled to strengthen them. Healthy teeth also make a great smile.

The most important thing about dental health that many people overlook is having a competent dentist that you can absolutely trust. He has to clean, drill, remove teeth and do all sorts of things over the course of your lifetime. If you do not trust your dentist for whatever reason, you may develop a phobia about seeing him, and that can have a significant impact on how well you care for your teeth, because you may delay the visits. As a general rule, if you don’t like your dentist, find one that you are happy to see whenever it is necessary.

The next most important point is to properly brush and clean your teeth at least twice a day. If you do so, you will remove all traces of food before there’s any risk of damage to your teeth and mouth. Remember you also have gums, skin and a tongue and they should also be clean and free from sores.

When it comes to cleaning your mouth, fluoride is well known for its beneficial properties. If it’s not in the water, find a way to use it, whether it’s in toothpaste or from some other source. Your dentist can give you several ideas if you ask. It is important to know that children don’t need as much fluoride as an adult does; excess can cause spots on their teeth.

Don’t smoke or chew tobacco if possible. These activities stain the teeth and increase the risks of getting mouth cancer and gum disease.

Floss your teeth every day. This seemingly simple action will remove the tiny bits of food and other elements that may get caught between your teeth. Some of these fragments are so small you can’t even see them. Statistics show that three quarters of teenagers have gums that can easily bleed, and this is often linked to gum disease.

Rinse your mouth or chew sugar-free gum after every meal so you get rid of anything left in your mouth. When you are at work or school, it can be hard to brush your teeth, but it is quite easy to rinse with water or a mouth wash and it’s simple to carry a pack of gum in your pocket or bag.

If you play sport, wear a mouth guard to protect yourself from possible harm. It is easy for a ball, a fall or simply physical contact with another player to cause damage to your teeth and mouth, especially in rougher sports.

Think about what you eat and drink. High sugary foods and drinks can cause more decay. Foods that are hard to chew can also cause damage to teeth.

Try to imagine yourself without teeth. Picture that image in your mind; it should give you enough motivation to make you take better care of your mouth.

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