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Tips On Preventing Colds and The Flu

One of the worst medical problems to get is the common cold or flu, because it can happen with no warning. The good news is that there are numerous ways you can protect yourself from these medical issues.

On average, adults get two or three colds per year, and they can last a week or two each time. Five to 20 percent of people will get the flu, which may last a month or more. So you should do everything in your power to avoid getting sick, because if this happens, it will affect every aspect of your life. The flu and colds can vary in intensity, but even mild doses can be tough enough to handle, especially if you already have other ailments to contend with.

Wash your hands before you eat or when you have been in contact with anything / anyone who may have germs. This includes blowing your nose, going to the toilet, gardening, visiting friends or family in hospital or simply touching anything that many other people touch like handrails, doors, etc.

Have your flu shots each year to protect yourself from the current strains. Avoid being with people who are sick, because you can easily catch colds or the flu from other people, simply by breathing the same air as them or touching them. They may cough and splutter, and that sends even more germs into the air around you.

Quit smoking because it reduces your immune system’s response to any sickness and alters your respiratory tract, thereby increasing the possibility of infections. Smoking destroys the hair-like fibers (cilia) in your nose, which help protect you from infection.

Get plenty of sleep and rest if you feel tired. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will be at a much greater risk, because when you’re run down, it is easier to catch a cold. Your body can’t fight as hard as normal when you’re fatigued.

If you catch a cold, don’t go to work, because you can spread your germs to other people. That is what sick leave is really for, recovering at home and protecting your colleagues.

If you are already sick, you can take steps to get better quickly. If the symptoms go out of control, make sure to see your doctor, because your cold may have turned into the flu and will need stronger treatment. If you are dehydrated, drink plenty of water. If you start vomiting or have a fever that won’t go away, be sure to contact your doctor right away.

Use tissues instead of a handkerchief, because you can dispose of the germy tissues quickly, to avoid staying in contact with them. Carry plenty of tissues with you everywhere you go, thus making sure that you are never caught short. Some people wear disposable gloves when they go out, to avoid touching any surfaces that may carry germs. Although this may seem extreme, it can also prevent you from getting sick.

Avoid germs wherever you can and you will have a better chance of not getting the flu or a cold. Avoidance is far better than fighting, once you have already contracted one or both of these problems and have a weakened immune system as a result.

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