factors that cause anxiety and depression

Top Factors That Cause Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are both very serious mental disorders. It is common for people to face both of them at some stage in their lives, because many of the causes are similar and one condition often feeds off the negative aspects of the other. Here are the top factors that cause anxiety and depression.

Family history. Approx. 30-40% of cases of depression are caused by genes. If one or both parents have depression, it is much more likely that some of their children will also face it sooner or later.

Alcohol and drug abuse. For people that drink moderately, this is less likely to trigger a depression. However, when people drink too much or use illicit drugs, then depression and anxiety are very likely to occur. Alcohol doubles the risk of contracting depression. For people using marijuana, the risk is four times greater.

Feeling trapped in some way. Whether it is a bad relationship, a tough, stressful job, financial hardship or other similar factors, it is easy for anxious feelings to bubble to the surface and depression to kick in. Often times, people can also get trapped by negative thinking and poor self-esteem, thinking that there is no way to escape their problems.

Anxiety. Having severe anxiety can be enough to cause major depression to hit as well. It is known that anxiety and depression feed off each other, making the person feel worse.

Other health issues. People suffering from diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity or other serious health issues can feel frustrated, sad or angry, and have a whole host of emotions. This can cause anxiety and depression as well, because physical and mental symptoms are strongly linked.

Medications. Some of the medications that are being used to control blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, insomnia, cholesterol and other problems may have unwanted side effects, including anxiety and depression, especially if taken in the long-term. Make sure to consult with your doctor anytime you plan to take new medication.

Gender. Statistics reveal that females are twice as likely to face mental disorders as males. Nobody can actually say this is happening, why but it is believed that female hormones are the main reason.

Grief and trauma. Death, violence, emotional or physical abuse are all powerful reasons for mental disorders to surface. Some people can cope with situations far better than others.

Major life changes. Getting married, moving house, changing jobs and relationship changes are all considered highly stressful, and can trigger mental health problems.

Anxiety and depression must be taken seriously and never ignored. If you notice it in yourself or somebody else, take action! You won’t regret it. There is no shame in having these issues, so don’t let them become a reason not to consult your doctor.


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