Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Treatment Options For Multiple Sclerosis

If you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) there are various forms of treatment, but choosing the most effective one depends on your symptoms, how long you have had MS, and which type you have.

Inflammation is a common problem with MS; since it can cause other health related issues as well, sometimes corticosteroids are prescribed, to reduce the inflammation and the severity of your condition. Of course, they are not the only helpful medication. Often times, muscle relaxants are used alongside corticosteroids, to reduce muscle spasms and stiffness.

Then, there are medications used to treat fatigue, pain, bowel and bladder problems and much more. Regardless of how you feel about medication, it is a proven, effective way of helping you cope with the problem.

Relaxing, calming exercises can make you feel better and more relaxed, reducing the pain. Eating healthy, nutritious food will go a long way towards helping your body perform as efficiently as possible. Why eat junk food and cause further problems when you have better choices?

Massage is a great way to help with MS. You may have pain, muscle spasms, tightness or other problems. The right massage therapist can help decrease your stress, pain, muscle spasms, and so on. Working with the same medical practitioner will help you even more, because he/she will get to know you, as well as the most effective treatment options.

Acupuncture can provide relief from symptoms such as bladder control problems, spasms in your muscles and pain. If you have muscles spasming, you could have physiotherapy to stretch them and to reduce the spasms. If you have problems with your speech, you may need the help of a speech therapist, who will help you understand how best to cope with the issues you experience.

MS can also be mentally taxing, causing stress, depression and anxiety. Seeing a psychologist or a counsellor can help you cope with everything that’s happening to you. Keeping it all bottled up inside often makes matters much worse, and if you can’t talk to anybody, this may be ideal outlet.

Extreme temperatures can cause your MS symptoms to flare up. This means that it is best to live in an air-conditioned environment, where you can adjust the room temperature to suit your needs. Under these circumstances, spending time on the beach in the sun is not a wise option.

It is essential that you don’t overdo your exercise regime, if you have one. Depending on your symptoms, some exercise may make you feel better. Still, you may get fatigued quickly, so do not exercise to the point where you feel very fatigued.

Multiple Sclerosis is a complex disease, so it needs to be respected and managed properly. It’s likely that you’ll need a range of treatments to help you cope with your condition so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Some people never know until you tell them.

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